The Eleventh Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications
Supported By: Silicon Graphics, Inc. and iCore

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Poster presentation of short papers

Short papers presented at the poster session Thursday October 9, 16:40-18:10:

  • Paper #8: Remote Interactive Walkthrough of City Models
    Authors: Jean-Eudes Marvie, Julien Perret, Kadi Bouatouch

  • Paper #13: From a closed piecewise geodesic to a constriction on a closed polyhedral surface
    Authors: Franck Hetroy Dominique Attali

  • Paper #19: Surface Reconstruction with Volume Preservation
    Authors: Kimiya Aoki, Hiroki Yokota, and Toyohisa Kaneko

  • Paper #44: Neural Meshes: Statistical Learning based on Normals
    Authors: Won-Ki Jeong, Ioannis Ivrissimtzis, Hans-Peter Seidel

  • Paper #68: Automatic Animation Skeleton Construction Using Repulsive Force Field
    Authors: Pin-Chou Liu, Fu-Che Wu, Wan-Chun Ma, Rung-Huei Liang, Ming Ouhyoung

  • Paper #70: Implicitizing Bi-cubic Toric Surfaces by Dixon A-Resultant Quotients
    Authors: Chionh Eng Wee; Foo Mao Ching

  • Paper #76: Combining Topological Simplification and Topology Preserving Compression for 2D Vector Fields
    Authors: Holger Theisel, Christian Roessl, Hans-Peter Seidel

  • Paper #88: OpenNPAR: A System for Developing, Programming, and Designing Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering
    Authors: Nick Halper, Tobias Isenberg, Felix Ritter, Bert Freudenberg, Oscar Meruvia, Stefan Schlechtweg, Thomas Strothotte

  • Paper #90: Depth-Peeling for Texture-Based Volume Rendering
    Authors: Zoltan Nagy Reinhard Klein

  • Paper #97: Blending Multiple Polygonal Shapes
    Authors: Henry Johan Tomoyuki Nishita

  • Paper #98: Physically-based Modeling of Volcanic Clouds as a Two Fluids Model
    Authors: Ryoichi Mizuno, Yoshinori Dobashi, Bing-Yu Chen, Tomoyuki Nishita

  • Paper #115: Motion Perturbation Based on Simple Neuromotor Control Models
    Authors: KangKang Yin, Michael B. Cline, Dinesh K. Pai

  • Paper #129: Interactive Global Illumination in Dynamic Environments using Commodity Graphics Hardware
    Authors: Mangesh Nijasure, Sumanta Pattanaik and Vineet Goel

  • Paper #161: Hybrid Control For Interactive Character Animation
    Authors: Ari Shapiro Fred Pighin Petros Faloutsos

  • Paper #162: Interactive Simulation of Burning Objects
    Authors: Zeki Melek John Keyser

  • Paper #163: An Enhanced Framework for Real-time Hair Animation
    Authors: Wenqi Liang and Zhiyong Huang

  • Paper #170: INSPIRE: An Interactive Image Assisted Non-Photorealistic Rendering System
    Authors: Minh X. Nguyen, Hui Xu, Xiaoru Yuan, Baoquan Chen

  • Paper #171: Using Texture Synthesis for Non-Photorealistic Shading from Paint Samples
    Authors: Christopher D. Kulla, James D. Tucek, Reynold J. Bailey, Cindy M. Grimm

  • Paper #182: Particle-Based Visual Simulation of Explosive Flames
    Authors: Daiki Takeshita, Shin Ota, Machiko Tamura, Tadahiro Fujimoto, Kazunobu Muraoka, and Norishige Chiba

  • Paper #185: Optimized Construction of Linear Approximations to Image Data
    Authors: Vid Petrovic and Falko Kuester

  • Paper #188: View-Dependent Layered Projective Texture Maps
    Authors: Alex Reche George Drettakis

  • Paper #190: Accurate Voxelization in Common Sampling Lattices
    Authors: Torsten Möller, Alireza Entezari, Haris Teguh Widjaya

  • Paper #191: Butterworth Filtering and Implicit Fairing of Irregular Meshes
    Authors: Hao Zhang: School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada; Eugene Fiume: Dept. of Computer Science, U of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Paper #194: Physiologically-based modeling and visualization of deformable lungs
    Authors: Anand P Santhanam, Sumant N Pattanaik, Jannick P Rolland, Celina Imielinska