The Eleventh Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications
Supported By: Silicon Graphics, Inc. and iCore

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Invited Speakers

Pacific Graphics 2003 is pleased to announce the following confirmed invited speakers:

  • Baining Guo of Microsoft Research China

    Dr. Guo's interests are graphics and interactive technologies for a networked computing environment.

    His web page is located at:

  • Ron Goldman of Rice University

    Dr. Goldman's interests lie in the mathematical representation, manipulation, and analysis of shape using computers.

    His web page is located at:

  • Aaron Hertzman of the University of Toronto

    Dr. Hertzman is interested in machine learning in computer graphics, non-photorealistic rendering, and 3D model acquisition.

    His talk is tentatively titled: "Machine Learning for Computer Graphics"

    and he has a web page located at:

  • Leif Kobbelt

    Dr. Kobbelt's research is concerned with with the generation / reconstruction, modification, storage and transmission of highly complex 3D models.

    His web page is located at:

  • Hanspeter Pfister is at MERL Cambridge Research

    Dr. Pfister is interested in computer graphics, scientific visualization, and computer architecture, in particular real-time volume rendering hardware.

    His web page is located at: